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With the solar panels installed we are just waiting for a final electrical inspection from our local utility and we can begin producing energy.   PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4 Tweet

The third phase of our installation was to dig a trench from the solar site to our main facility. Conduit was then installed in the trench to run power cables from the solar panels to the building. The trench was then back-filled and on the next warm day was paved over with asphalt. PART 1 […]

Our solar install continues weather permitting (a Southern Oregon winter is a rainy mess) Between rain showers we were able to complete the second phase of construction.   A steel upright being moved into position   The cement truck getting ready to pour cement into the footings The concrete cured, forms removed, and the steel […]

We thought we would share some pictures of our new solar installation here at AirScape HQ. We chose a site on an unused corner of the property that is perfectly situated for our solar install . The site was cleared of a massive blackberry bush so that work could begin. Blackberries are an invasive species […]

We should spend our money wisely to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This spreadsheet shows some alternatives.

We at AirScape are happy to learn of the first whole house fan rebate available in Hawaii! (link) Offered to Hawaii Energy customers, the rebate offers customers $75 back on a whole house fan purchase and $25 back on a solar attic fan purchase. It’s great timing for this type of incentive, because summer is […]