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The beginning of February marked the one year anniversary of our foam recycling program. In that time we reused or¬†recycled 2412 cubic feet of foam. That’s two tons of waste saved from the landfill! According to, 60 million tons of polyethylene foam is produced annually world wide. So we have saved .0000033% of the […]

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly products, it is always our goal to find new ways to be even more green in our business practices. In January 2009 we decided to implement a foam packaging recycling program to help reduce our environmental impact.¬† In order to ensure that our fans reach customers throughout the country […]

An update on how our foam packaging re-use program is working out.

The concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recyle (in that order) just makes sense. Here is how we overcame a practical dilemma. We ship all of our whole house fans in “UPS resistant” packaging. The vast majority of the plastic foam in that box is not recycled…..