AirScape hits the road with the CCSE

AirScape is proud to be a sponsor of the California Center for Sustainable Energy’s Residential Energy Roadshow. An AirScape 1.7 Whole House Fan has hitched a ride on the trailer and is on display, along with several other sustainable technologies to help homeowners save on utility bills and reduce energy consumption. Among them is a heat-recovery ventilation system, available through our sister-company (…which if you haven’t checked out, you probably should).

As they put it on their website: “The mobile program is designed to educate and inspire Southern Californians to learn about and implement energy-saving practices in home efficiency, solar technologies and alternative-fuel transportation… CCSE will take the exhibit to community events throughout San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.” (link)

We at AirScape love saving energy, and we are thrilled to see this type of education effort taking place. Even if the show won’t be in your area, be sure to do your part to learn and help spread the word about how new green technologies can help save money, relieve the power grid, and help the environment.