Annual Survey

First of all, Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey of last year’s AirScape whole house fan customers.  We had an amazing 20% response rate, which indicates that you
either love us or hate us – we’ll pick the former 🙂

There were a lot of glowing comments, but a survey is not an exercise in self congratulations.  We take very seriously the few people who were unhappy with their purchases.  What we want is to bring to zero, the number of people with unmet expectations.  Our job is to make sure that you get a quality product, but also make sure that you understand the power and the limitations of our particular technology.

Now, for the mandatory post image. Here is the latest map of our sales.  Every zip or postal code that had an AirScape whole house fan purchase gets a marker.  Look at that – the Canadians are buying. So are the Floridians.

Foam Recycle Program – 1 Year Anniversary

The beginning of February marked the one year anniversary of our foam recycling program. In that time we reused or recycled 2412 cubic feet of foam. That’s two tons of waste saved from the landfill! According to, 60 million tons of polyethylene foam is produced annually world wide. So we have saved .0000033% of the worlds foam polyethylene foam from entering the waste stream. When you look at our contribution as a percentage of the whole it’s just a drop in the bucket, but it’s a start. We know you’re thinking that it’s a small contribution, but let’s look at it in another way:

2412 cubic feet of foam is roughly equal to:

2,038,884  ping pong balls

110,616 Big Macs (our engineers favorite of course)

16,033  12-packs of beer (pairs well with the Big Macs)

9,614  basketballs


1  school bus

Where to find your AirScape model, version, and serial number

If you decide to add a remote kit after your initial purchase, the AirScape model, version, and serial number will be required in order to give you the correct remote for your unit. This information is also needed by our technical support staff to diagnose or troubleshoot an issue with your WHF.

4.5 Installation – Maximize Airflow, Minimize Noise

Recently we have been using our new and improved sound testing chamber to make sound comparison videos of our different models. The shooting of these videos reminded us that the set up of the ducted models will make a significant difference in the CFM and noise levels. Basically, improper installation will decrease the unit CFM and increase the amount of noise. Some numbers for comparison:

AirScape 4.5 improper installation –  high 59 dBA / low 50 dBA

AirScape 4.5 proper installation –  high 55 dBA /low 46 dBA ……A 4 dBA difference!

The photo above shows the correct install dimensions for the 4.5 WHF. You will notice that we have a nice even bend and the ductwork is fully extended (Note that we used an extra length of the provided chain to help support the bend). It is important to maintain the 20″ diameter of the duct through the 90 degree bend. This will ensure that you get unrestricted airflow through the duct and will help disrupt the sound waves. You also want to make sure the duct and fan are fully extended from the 90 degree bend. This moves the fan to the furthest point from the grill opening, thus decreasing the decibel level.

Airscape 2.5/2.5e installation: The install dimensions for the AirScape 2.5/2.5e are very similar. The duct should be 21″ from the attic floor. It should extend 44″ from the 90 degree bend to the fan (you may be able to extend it to 48″ if the bend is supported as shown in the photo above). The top of the fan should be 44″ from the attic floor.