Inside the new controller

We thought that you’d like to see all the cool stuff that makes up our new controller.

Of course, we had to have a microprocessor. A microprocessor controls all the sequencing and logic. It also does a lot of work serving up web pages and communicating with the switches, remote controls, and motor.

Optoisolators provide protection against stray (or man-made) voltages.

The Clock crystal gives us a “tick” every 1/32,000,000 th of a second. That’s the basis  for all timing functions.

A programming port – that’s where the programmer downloads his program for the 50th time after a series of mistakes  🙂

Relays are electrical switches (listen to them click) that control higher power loads (like the door actuators) that would burn out a microprocessor if connected directly.



2nd Generation Controls

The next generation of whole house fan controls have shipped.

Some of the features:

  • Wireless Controls and Hard Wired Switches now work together
  • Wall mounted wireless transmitter included
  • Easy connections: CAT-5 cables ‘click connect’
  • Web Server allows control from your smart phone or web browser
  • Currently available only on 3.5e/4.4e WHF units.

new model

We’re testing and finalizing details on the new AirScape roof mounted whole house fan. This model will mount directly on the roof. It’s intended for houses without attics. Here are some of the features:

  • Electrically actuated, insulated, sealed door
  • Ultra efficient ECM motor
  • Sound levels at or below other AirScape models

More information to follow…

4.4e WHF ships

We’re happy to announce that the 4.4e WHF is currently in stock and we’re moving product out the door.

What makes this an “e” ?  The motor is an ECM (electronically commutated motor) which when matched up with the efficient blade design gives a great power profile and low noise.

See the details here:

The following graph shows the energy use profile of the 4.4e as compared to the theoretical efficiency of a fan system.


The Kohilo Whole House Fan is designed to be more financially available (yes, that is a genteel word for cheaper) than our flagship units. How did we do this ? We replaced the motorized damper unit and electronics board with a backdraft damper.

A backdraft damper is pushed open with airflow and falls back (by gravity) when the fan is off. This provides a basic seal (nothing like our motorized dampers), but has no insulation.   In severe climates the Kohilo grille will have to be manually insulated at the end of the season.  We do provide an upgrade path for customers so that they can upgrade to the full AirScape functionality and convenience.