Changing Fan Speed Settings on Your AirScape 2.5e

2.5e Control Board v3.0Not only does the AirScape 2.5e have phenomenally low energy use, the user can also select up to 5 different CFM settings. The 2.5e fan motor has inputs which we program at different CFM. From the factory it is set for a low speed of 1512 CFM at 42 watts and a high speed of 2536 CFM at 196 watts. Now let’s say that the factory low speed setting does not provide enough airflow to properly cool your home over night. The fan speed settings can easily be adjusted for more airflow. For example, you could change the low speed from 1512 CFM to 2080 CFM. At the same time you could also adjust the high speed setting so that the fan will move 2604 CFM on high (see example #2). This is as simple as moving the low and high speed wires on the 2.5e fan control board (located on the fan housing) to different connections. The fan speed adjustment is described below:

  1. Turn your 2.5 e off. Unplug the fan power cord and turn off power to the damper box by unplugging it or switching the circuit breaker off if hardwired.
  2. Remove the fan junction box cover (located on the fan housing).
  3. Move the low and high speed wires to different taps to adjust fan speed (see photos).
  4. Plug in the fan power cord and turn the damper box power back on.
  5. The unit is now ready to operate at the new CFM settings.


TP1 1512 43
TP2 2080 108
TP3 2536 197
TP4 2604 216
TP5 2778 258

New Control Board Tech


This summer we came out with the newest version of our WHF control board. The new control board has several new features which improve on the previous versions. It is now being phased into all AirScape models in production. The following are some of the improvements/changes made to the control board:

One of the biggest changes is how the actuator is controlled. The actuator(s) will now cycle the damper doors open before the fans turn on. We have also added LED indicators which indicate operation of actuator(s) and fan speeds. Programming your optional remote has become even easier with the new control board. Now all you have to do to mate your remote transmitter to the WHF is to turn the main power to the unit on and off by unplugging and plugging in the damper box power cord or turning the circuit breaker off and on at the electrical panel. We also added the ability to reset the remote programming as well.

Now, for all of the contractors or advanced users out there we added something for you too. The control board now has a master override or interlock. This is a safety switch that when enabled will turn off the fan(s) and close the damper doors. The interlock is now required by some community building codes to disable the whole house fan if for example a furnace turns on or a fire alarm is triggered. Please see future tech support blogs or give us a call for more information on the interlock.